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Listing: Price: $125K Age: 0 Type: LAND - INVESTMENT OP Location: NORTH END - NANZAL Land Area: Sq.Ft. House Area: Sq.Ft. Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 0 View: OCEAN, COASTLINE, MOUNTAINS, JUNGLE Parking: Furnished: no


Secure Investment in Sayulita, Mexico

We are pleased to offer a very secure USD denominated investment in Sayulita Mexico, secured by the individual residential lots, which comprise the Distinctive Residential Development of “Quintas Nanzal”, as specified by the project’s Master Development Plan.

Investment Characteristics, Terms, and Security Provisions:

1. Seven (7) individual lots are available that define the value of each investment based upon the current FMV listing sales price, and that secure the repayment of the investment by virtue of the transfer of the title to the property in question to the Investor.  The property Title transfer shall occur at the time of the execution and funding of the investment, and shall include the execution of a (2) Year Purchase Option in favor of the Borrower.

2. All individual lots are currently listed with Sayulita Investment Realty, where the listing price and other detailed information regarding each lot is available for the investor to review, as well as the physical property itself.

3. The individual investment amounts are calculated so as to yield no less than a (15%) annual rate of return to the Investor.  This calculation coincides with the expiration date of the (2) Year Purchase Option, and reduces the amount of the current FMV and Listing Price by the interest earned by the investor during the (2) year term of the Agreement, at no less than (15%) per annum.

4. To secure the Investor in the most reliable manner possible, the Title to the property related to their investment will be transferred to the Investor’s name at the time of the execution of the investment.  The Title will remain in the Investor’s name until the Borrower exercises the (2) Year Purchase Option, utilizing the amount calculated to yield no less than (15%) per annum to the Investor during the term of their ownership of the property.

5. The Investor my not occupy, utilize, improve, or modify the property in any way, nor dispose of the property, prior to the expiration of the Borrower’s (2) Year Purchase Option.

6. Upon the expiration of this (2) Year Agreement, the Investor may utilize the property, or dispose of it in any manner they desire, on the condition that such utilization, or sale, conforms to the Original Title Document’s Legal Description, and to the Master Development Plan for “Quintas Nanzal”.

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